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Why are concrete culverts replaced by corrugated metal culverts?

    In today’s infrastructure project, corrugated metal pipes are optimum choices for culverts building instead of concrete. As to the reasons why metal culverts are so popular, I think you can find the answers from the below:
  • Free maintenance
    Thanks to its protective layer of zinc coating, corrugated steel pipes serves more than 50 years requiring less or no maintenance. While concrete culverts need regular repairmen since it is finished.
  • Easy installation
    Helical corrugated metal pipes are fabricated into finial shape in the factory. And structural plates are bolted or riveted on the job site to suit the application. This job can be done according to our manual instructions. For concrete structures, considerable design of foundation and profile should be done previously.
  • Environmentally-responsible
    CSP culvert does less impart to the environment compared with the concrete. In addition, CSPs are 100% reusable.
  • Economical and low cost
    Simple installation and limited project time significantly reduce project cost. For cold areas, corrugated metal pipes have broader application for their shorter construction time.
  • Versatility
    Corrugated steel pipes come in diverse thickness, corrugation profiles and coatings to meet different applications. They are often found in small bridges, stockpile tunnels, stream crossings and other similar usages.

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