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Deep corrugation makes it possible for ultra-heavy loading

Superior corrugation with 381mm pitch and 140mm depthSuper annular corrugation plate pipes and arches produce far heavier loads than conventional corrugated structural plate because it deeper corrugation - 381mm pitch by 140mm depth. Deep corrugation aids in withstanding the heaviest loading and expanding service period. Apart from deep corrugation profile, flange connection is another innovation. It effectively combines easy installation and reduce cost and time.

CMP pipes and arches with super corrugation are internationally accepted and widely used for their versatility and economical purposes. They are extensively used as bridges, road or rail underpasses, stream crossings, box culverts and reclaim tunnels and other similar applications.

Box culvert as a bridge made by hot-dip galvanized and corrugated structural plates
Box culvert

    Your benefits
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet serves 50+ years with free maintenance;
  • Deep corrugation (381 mm (15") pitch by 140 mm (5.5") depth) allows for heaviest load;
  • Spans extending to 25m (82’) suitable for most projects;
  • Flange connection saves your money and time in assembly.
  • Bottomless designs cause no harm to environment protection;
  • Available with Polymer coating for harsh environment;
  • Steel Grade: Q235 or SS41
  • Thickness: 1.6mm to 8.0mm
  • Span: up to 25 meter (82’)
  • Corrugation: 381mm pitch by 140mm depth
  • Finish: Zinc coating (610g/sq. m) or as required
    Available shapes
  • Round and ellipse
  • Super corrugation creates larger diameters than standard corrugation.
  • Arch
  • Structural plate arch with deep corrugation can extend as long as 25 meter, much longer than conventional steel plate.
  • Box culvert
  • Box culvert is the most popular choice of long span and low rise situations.
Box culvert for shallow cover Standard arch
Low profile arch Medium profile arch
High profile arch Round pipe Ellipse

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