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Standard corrugation with dual zinc-coating for different requirements

Corrugated metal pipes and arches with standard corrugation can meet most applications including highway underpasses, conduits, small bridges, culverts and storm water drain. They are bolted by corrugated structural steel plates on job site reducing transportation cost. CMP pipes and arches are always given optimum choices not only because their lightweight and excellent performance against harsh environments and cold weather, but also significant reduce of cost and construction time. And conventional concrete structures are progressively replaced for they need regular maintenance and huge cost.

Round CSP used as small bridge with standard corrugation of 68 by 13mm
Round corrugated structural plate pipe

Available corrugation profiles are 68mm x 13mm and 125mm x 25mm. The former is capable for most general requirements and the latter is designed for more strengths or height of cover requirements.

Round CSP used as small bridge with standard corrugation of 68 by 13mm   Structural steel plates assembled on job site
Corrugated steel pipe arch   Bolted structural plates

Zinc coatings are available in two types: Z610 (610g/m2) and Z275 (275g/m2). Both are treated with hot-dip zinc galvanization which performs as a durable barrier over the base steel. Z610 offers more than 50 years of service period. Calcium from the hard groundwater effectively aid in forming an additional protective barrier on the surface of the pipe. However, Z275 is light galvanized and often used as temporary application such as oilfield lease roads or forestry purposes.
Note: Polymer coating as an optional coating in only offered for special order.

  • Thickness: 1.6mm to 8.0mm;
  • Diameter (equivalent diameter): 300mm to 4000mm;
  • Finish: Z610 and Z275;
  • Corrugation profile: 68mm x 13mm, 125mm x 25mm.
    Your benefits:
  • Z610 and Z275 meet different requirements.
  • Lightweight construction;
  • Job site assembling significantly reduce transportation cost.
  • Available in round, ellipse and arches.
  • 50+ years of life period without maintenance.

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