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Three reasons of choosing polymer coating

Are you worried about galvanized steel would be attacked by salt water, corrosive fluids and abrasive slurries? What is the best choice for harsh environments? Polymer coating is the exact choice which can serves 100+ years proven by a number of projects.

Riveted polymer coated pipes used as a permanent railroad bridge
Polymer coated pipe culvert

Corrugated metal pipes assembled by structural plates have been widely accepted all through the world for their simple installation and cheap transportation cost. As an additional protective layer, polymer coating promises you longest serve time and free maintenance even in awful environments. Structural plates with super and ultra corrugation are applicable to polymer coating.

Corrugated steel pipe coated by polymer applied in coastal areas   Corrugated steel pipe finished by polymer coating
Corrugated installation   Polymer coating

Tough and heavy-gauge film at least 10-mils thick polymer coating adds to the inside and outside surfaces of the Z610 galvanized corrugated metal pipes significantly improves the performance against extremely corrosive environments.

    Three reasons of choosing polymer coating:
  • The cheapest way to cope with the most aggressive environments;
  • Excellent performance against acid, salts or diluted alkali;
  • All-around protection for total coverage.

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