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Available in diverse dimensions and coatings for various applications

Helically corrugated metal pipe (CMP) is often the optimum choice of modern infrastructure projects. It is fabricated in the factory and be directly used when arrived at the job site. Compared with annular pipe, there is no welded or riveted seam along the longitude direction. It won’t crack under heavy loads or vibrations. Diameter or span of helical CSP ranges from 300mm to 3600mm, which are relatively smaller than CMP formed by structural plates. Normal length is up to 7000mm and up to 15 000 mm for custom design.

Corrugated steel pipe in helical profile used as culverts   Helical corrugated metal pipes
Corrugated steel pipe in helical
profile used as culverts
  Helical corrugated metal pipes

To meet different and various applications, helical corrugated metal pipe comes in various thicknesses, corrugation profiles and coatings.

    Your benefits:
  • Considerable engineering support and field service
  • Totally conforms to AASHTO and ASTM standards
  • Quality hot rolled steel plates
  • End sections and other special fittings are available
    Available steel thicknesses:
  • 1.6mm (0.06”)
  • 2.0mm (0.08”)
  • 2.7mm (0.11”)
  • 3.5mm (0.14”)
  • 4.2mm (0.16”)
    Optional coatings:
  • Galvanized (610g/sq.m)
  • Polymer coating
    Accessories for CSP:
  • Flared end section
  • Slope end section
  • Culvert fittings
  • Band couplers
  • Culverts
  • Drainage systems
  • Storm water systems
    Corrugation profiles (suitable for different sizes and thicknesses)
  • 2.66” by 0.5” (68mm by 13mm)
  • 3” by 1” (76mm by 25mm)
  • 5” by 1” (125mm by 25mm)

Standard corrugation profile

corrugation profile

corrugation profile for helical CSP

Corrugation profile diagram

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