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Five reasons to choose end sections

End sections are increasingly employed by all kinds of culverts around the whole world including corrugated steel culvert, concrete culvert and concrete pipe. In addition, flared end sections are available as twins, triples and quads for multiple-pipe installations. Fabricated by pre-galvanized steel, they are endowed with long durability and free maintenance. They are available for culverts with round and arch section profiles.

Galvanized end section for corrugated steel culverts with arch profiles
Steel end section for arched culverts

Flared and slope end sections are both available for culverts. Besides, special designs are customized to conform to your practical purposes.

  • For round culvert: 6” to 96” diameter; slope is 1.5:1 to 2.5:1;
  • For arched culvert: Span and rise of 17”x13” to 112”x75”, slope is 1.5:1 to 2.5:1;
End section for culvert inlet aid the headwater depth   End section fabricated by pre-galvanized steel
End section for round corrugated metal culvert   End section
    Five reasons to choose flared end section:
  • Significantly improve hydraulically capacity.
    Headwater depth can be controlled in a better condition. Thanks to flared end section, no additional hydraulic methods are required.
  • Culvert appearance improved.
    Weeds and debris are reduced. And its tapered shape blends with the surrounding environment and improves culvert appearance.
  • Economical cost
    Erosion-preventing capacity gets rid of frequent maintenance. Simple and easy installation completed by tamping soil around the end section cost much less than concrete end section.
  • Durability
    Once galvanized end sections are applied, maintenance is deleted from your working list for it can withstand corrosive and abrasive environment as long as 50 years.
  • Broad application
    Available for annular and helical corrugated steel pipes, concrete pipes and plastic pipes.

Slope end section used as culvert outlet
Slope end section in round profile

Slope end sections reduce debris and weeds   Culvert slope end section
Slope end section for corrugated steel pipe   Slope end section

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