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Deep corrugation assist with load capacity

Structural steel plates with deep corrugationsAS we all know, versatile structural plates are extensively applied all through the world for their economical cost, lightweight, simple installation and longest durability. The strength of CSP stems from the depth of the corrugation profile. Deep corrugation with 200 mm pitch by 55mm depth is a perfect choice for economical bridge construction and other applications in the transportation, mining and forestry sectors and reclaims tunnels. In addition, to improve hydraulic efficiency, flared and slope end sections are also available.

Metal tunnel are bolted on job site
Round corrugated metal tunnel

Corrugated metal arch formed by structural plates   Structural plates on pallets
Arch pipe   Steel structural plates

  • Lightweight
    Lightweight and modular panels can be freely shipped to any remote place easily and economically.
  • Strong
    Deep corrugation integrated with the surrounding soils makes it possible to support extraordinarily heavy loads.
  • Easy to install
    Modular structural plates are easy to install especially with the assistance of our manual instructions. They can be assembled on job site or pre-assembled adjacent to the spot, which significantly shorten construction period.
  • Protecting the environment
    Steel pipes are 100% recyclable. Reasonable design and rapid installation minimize environmental impacts and wide-span prevents blockages and flooding compared with concrete box. In addition, free maintenance avoids any future costs and other negative impacts.
  • Wide span
    Corrugated structural plates are available in spans from 1.5 m to 12 m and formed into a variety of shapes to suit different projects. Available in round pipe, pipe-arch, vertical and horizontal ellipses and low, medium and high profile arches.

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