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We make profits by satisfying your requirements first

Hebei Anrun Anticorrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has been at the leading edge of manufacturing a state-of-the-art corrugated metal pipe which will successfully deal with today’s keen competition. The most important thing we can do now is insisting on focusing to resolve customer’s problems. CMP provides a cost-effective and durable solution to road builders, municipalities, forestry companies as well as oil and gas customers. Across the world, there is a tendency that corrugated steel pipes and arches are progressively replacing concrete structures for their low cost and versatility.

    What benefits can CMPs bring you?
  • Long durability.
  • Once the project completed, there is no need to worry about repairmen.
  • Economically effective.
  • CMPs are proven the most effective and economical methods of building a small bridge, culvert, tunnel or other similar projects.

Extremely short project time.
Corrugated metal pipes can be fabricated in the factory or on the job site. Generally speaking, the project time is about ten days.

Corrugated steel pipes are 100% reusable once it is not needed anymore. Further, easy installation does less impact to the surrounding environments.

Corrugated steel pipes can be designed with diverse corrugation profiles, coatings and thicknesses to meet different and practical applications. They n coastal areas, for example, polymer coating is often employed to protect the inner base steel plate.

How can we help you?
Considerable service is another highpoint of its culture. We can provide technical support to our customers if needed. Some road builders or other users have little experience of using corrugated steel pipes. Our engineers can recommend suitable model to the exact project and guide the installation at the job site.