Versatile Corrugated Metal Pipe

Founded in 1998, Hebei Anrun Anticorrosion Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has grown up into a leader of manufacturing corrugated steel pipes and arches. With long history and proven quality by former projects, end users or contractors can be confident that Anrun CMPs and arches are the exact products they are always looking for.

Where corrugated metal pipes are used?

In today's infrastructures, corrugated metal pipes (CMP) are increasingly employed instead of concrete culverts. The basic reason of the change is that CMP costs less but serves longer than any other including concrete structure.

In transportation, it can be used as small bridges, underpasses of highway or railway, grader separations and animal crossing bridges.

In mining, stockpile tunnel and escape tunnels are always fabricated by corrugated steel pipes. Super or ultra-heavy corrugation supports extremely heavy loads.

For Perennial Frozen Soil Area, project time is very short. How to finish a culvert within limited time? CMP is the optimum choice. Although it is fabricated in the factory or on job site, the construction time is significantly reduced. In addition, corrugated steel pipes are flexible and will not be affected by the cold weather.

What we can provide?

Given complicated applications, our company can set up special solution to your project. The strength of thin-walled plates stems from the depth of corrugation. Standard, deep, super deep corrugations are available. For coastal areas or harsh environments, polymer coatings are optional.

New Products

  • Window Well Formed by Corrugated Steel Plates Brings up Surprises

    Window Well

    Window wells fabricated by galvanized steel combines toughness and strength with absorbing appearance. Steel well will not rust even in rainy area.
  • CMP Specially Designed with Deep Corrugation and Flange Connection

    Super Corrugation CMP

    Super corrugated structural plate with deep corrugation and flange connection not only saves time and money in assembly but also withstand the heaviest loads.
  • Structural Plates Replacing Concrete Structures Save Money and Time

    Structural Plates

    Structural plates are available to form various shapes including round, arches in high, medium and low profile, ellipse and box culvert. Diverse corrugation meets various..
  • CMP with Standard Corrugation Successfully Meet Most Applications

    Standard Corrugation

    Structural steel plates with standard corrugation can meet most applications including culverts and small bridges; Z275 coating is ideal for temporary uses.